iWindow - Retrofit Glass System For Commercial Buildings

Without replacing the existing glass or altering the exterior framing system, iWindow enables rapid glazing retrofits of commercial buildings - at a small fraction of the cost compared to full window replacements. iWindow can improve commercial building energy efficiency and acoustical performance.

iWindow Benefits

  • Can increase Center-of-Glass thermal performance of ¼” clear single glazing from R-value 1.0 up to R-value 6.7 (U-factor 1.0 to 0.14)
  • Can reduce noise transmission (see lab tests)
  • No change to the existing outer glass or framing, preserving the exterior appearance of a building
  • Can improve inside glass surface temperatures, making it more comfortable to work and sit near windows and allowing temperature setpoint changes that reduce HVAC costs
  • SeriousGlass low and high solar heat gain glass packages create custom- tuned solar control according to a building’s unique location and orientation
  • 96 to 99.6% UV blockage reduces fading and damage to interior furnishings

iWindow Features

  • Low-emissivity glass coatings optimize solar gain control by climate and building orientation
  • Easily secures to vertical supports of existing storefront, curtain wall or window wall to transfer the glass load to the vertical mullions
  • Snap-on cover conceals fastener heads to preserve clean, unobtrusive frame sight lines

iWindow Technical Information

  High Solar Heat Gain (HSHG) Low Solar Heat Gain (LSHG) Low Solar Heat Gain (SOUTH)

iWindow Details

Center of Glass (COG) Data: Includes ¼” Clear Single Pane Existing Glass System
R-value 6.7 6.7 5.9
U-factor 0.15 0.15 0.17
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) .35 .27 .28
Visible Light Transmittance (VT) .58 .51 .52
STC @ 1/2” Air Gap 38 42 42
STC @ 1” Air Gap 42 42 42
STC @ 2” Air Gap 45 45 45
Frame Thickness 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"


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